“As an acting teacher, Linda brings her students a vast experience-based knowledge of the art and craft of acting.  If you want to learn how to memorize lines and hit your marks, then any acting teacher will do. However, if you truly want to understand the essence of acting and develop the unique skill sets required to bring your talent to the professional level, then there is no one better to assist you in your quest. Linda is a cut above, because she also provides her students with a working knowledge of the entertainment industry and teaches industry-related business skills that enable actors to successfully transition into the industry and launch professional careers.


Hollywood has lost a great teacher, but that loss is Charlotte's gain.”

— Stanley Livingston

Actor, Producer, Director


"I have known Linda for many years and am aware of her work with the Hollywood acting community. Linda has the amazing ability to find the natural talent in a person and lead him or her to an appreciation of it so it can be accessed and used. I have watched people awkwardly trying to "act" attempting in a most amateurish way to make an audience believe, and failing miserably. And then those people meet Linda. A year later, when I see them again, they have been miraculously transformed and the characters they are portraying feel like real human beings. I forget that they are "acting" because they no longer look like they are."

                                                                  Marshall M. Silverman

                                     President & CEO Silverman Studio Group

               Fmr. Vice President, Senior Motion Picture Production

                                                      Counsel, Warner Bros. Pictures


“Linda Ann Watt is the only acting teacher I’d trust my kids to.”

— Beverly Brock

Agent Representing Children and Adults


“I had the privilege of sitting in on the first session of Linda Ann Watt’s Beginner's “Method” Acting class. Eleven sessions later, I attended the culminating program in which Linda’s students presented scenes adapted from plays and movies. I was amazed at the skill level of each one. I kept asking myself, how is it possible for individuals with little to no acting experience to develop so quickly? I easily imagined each performer in a professional stage, or film production.”

— Ralph Beck

Director of Education Blumenthal Performing Arts



“I found your class, Acting & Scene Study using ‘Method’ techniques, helpful in working on Tyler Perry’s film ‘Good Deeds.’  I was able to use the relaxation and sense memory exercises to prepare on set and I approached the work using more physical actions of the character. The techniques I learned from the course will help me in all my future projects. Thanks.”

— Divakar Shukla



“My daughter, Kayli, was fortunate enough to be able to study with Linda.  Linda is very hands-on and cares about her students. She establishes a positive, respectful environment for learning. She teaches it is real work that creates opportunity, and for actors to think about their role, versus just delivering lines. Linda is extremely knowledgeable about the industry. I look forward to Kayli continuing to study with Linda, and I believe that her technique is best.”

— Janna Tolleson

Mother of Kayli Tolleson, Child Actor


“Thank you so much for this wonderful class and for your insight. I have learned so much! Wow, the information was eye opening. I appreciate your talent, caring heart, gentle boldness and articulation.”

— Yolanda Rosales