Policy for Classes and Camps


In an effort to help students have the most productive experience, there is a protocol to help the classes and camps run smoothly.


A minimum deposit of 50% tuition is needed to enroll in classes or camps with a credit/debit card, which will remain on file to complete payment by due date. Student may pay by check or cash, but card will remain on file. Late payments will incur a $25 late fee.


Monthly tuition for Workshop Advanced is due on the first day of the month. Charlotte Acting requires a credit card remain on file. Students will be charged by the credit/debit card on file unless student pays by cash or check before the first day of the month. Late payments will incur a $25 late fee.


For Workshop Advanced students: prorating monthly tuition is possible if the partial month, along with the following entire month is paid in full.


There are no refunds. If a class is missed, the student will get up more the following class to complete missed work. If there is an unforeseen emergency or illness where more than one class is missed, it is at the discretion of Charlotte Acting to decide if the student may enter the class or camp at a later date to make up classes missed. For classes postponed because of Covid-19, the class will resume in the future.


If a student wishes to leave Workshop Advanced, written communication is needed by the 20th of the month student is attending for the following month. This will allow scene partners to plan accordingly and for a new or returning student to take the spot. If there is no written communication, student will be charged for the following month via credit/debit card on file.


If student plans on being absent or late to class, email or text (818) 312-4467 and scene partner(s), as soon as possible.


Sessions start on time, there is a 5-minute break. If you are late to class look to see if a scene/exercise is finished before entering class.


It is mandatory that homework/rehearsals are completed before class.


Please don’t read texts during class. Students receive as much knowledge from someone else’s critique as from their own. In an emergency, excuse yourself to use phone.


Student may only list a class or camp on resume after it is completed. When listing training: [Name of class/camp] with Linda Ann Watt,


Student will be respectful of other students and Blumenthal Performing arts Center employees and property.